Best Plastic Dog Kennels

Plastic Dog KennelsDogs often feel safe and have a better night’s sleep if you buy them a nice little house for example. In Western countries, dog kennels are an indispensable accessory when you have a pet. Pet farming is a hobby for many people, but designing a home for them to fit into your living space is not easy.

The house for pets needs to meet the criteria of being a warm, comfortable, and close place while ensuring the aesthetics and hygiene to keep the owner’s living space clean. Depending on the number of your pets, their size as well as the area of the owner’s living space to make design options accordingly. You can choose to buy a kennel with many unique materials on the market today such as plastic, fabric, wood,…, or make your own pet sitter. And now, come with us to learn, choose, and buy for your dog a perfect kennel which made by plastic, the best-seller kind of material!

The criteria to choose a perfect dog kennel

The kennel is carefully selected to create a thorough living space for your dogs and is convenient for the owner. Here are the criteria to consider when you want to buy a dog kennel.


As we mentioned above, owners need to pay attention to the material of dog kennels, ensure the criteria of safety for pet’s health, durability, easy cleaning, and convenience for your dog. You can choose Inox, high aesthetic wooden kennels, or plastic,…


Choose the size to take into account the dog’s maximum growth ability, dog’s weight, height to choose a suitable kennel size for dog development, living spaces, comfortable accommodation for your furry friends, and don’t feel uncomfortable for them.

The dog kennel needs enough space to sleep, eat, toilet, and a little comfort to play. Flexible height according to where the dog is installed. The floor should be higher than the floor to allow ventilation.

Design the style

Choose the kennel with a beautiful design, suitable for housing space, especially the types of houses in your house, need to match the interior design, eye-catching. You should choose the kennel with a roof design so your dog does not jump out, especially with an outdoor kennel.

The dog kennel needs to ensure the ventilation of light and air to help them develop stably, does not generate mold, moisture inside causing the disease to the dogs. The floor should have a drainage slot, easy to clean, help the dog’s urine is not stagnant.

Price and address provide reputation

Owners should choose to buy the dog kennels at reputable outsourced design addresses, ensure the quality of them, the size is calculated appropriately, the stable shed durability, safe processing for quality kennel dog.

How much is the dog kennel? Price is a factor that you can not be missed when choosing to buy it, or anything, right? Choose to buy dog kennels with prices suitable to the financial capacity of the owners. Compare prices to choose the right purchase.

Notes to know when buying the dog kennel

In addition to the above experiences, you should also note a few factors below to keep your dog best!

  1. Absolutely not confine dogs that are sick with healthy dogs a stable to avoid transmitting the disease to each other.
  2. Regularly note changing and cleaning manure trays to avoid odors and bacteria, affecting the living environment. If your dog sick, it should be cleaned regularly, daily cleaning by means of disinfectant and soap.
  3. If you do not have a dog to breed, do not keep the male dog with the female dog in the same kennel. In case you have multiple breeds of dogs in the same cage, pay attention to whether they get along well, avoid letting them bite each other.
  4. You also need to buy the dog floor pads so that your dogs in the kennel can take advantage of the comfort without any uncomfortable trapping. Your care in acting will make them understand that they are loved and respected by their owners.

Plastic kennels – The hottest kennels for your pets today

The plastic dog kennels are an interesting option for owners. The biggest advantage is the variety of models and colors, with high aesthetics. 100% made from high-quality plastic, so it is extremely safe for your pet’s health. Of course, it also has one drawback is that the plastic cage will be very difficult to clean. And after a long time to use, it may discolor or crack due to low durability, but the plastic kennels are still the best choice for many owners.

This kind of kennel is a great choice for small or medium size dogs. Absolutely not for the large dogs, which over 20 kg. Or if your dog is mischievous, he (or she) not should be kept in a plastic kennel.

In terms of price, the plastic model will be much cheaper than wooden or stainless steel kennels, and you can easily get your four-leg dog a cute, beautiful house. That is also why we have a list of the best plastic kennels for your dogs that you can reference!


Top Seven best of the plastic dog kennels

And now, we will give you the list of the best plastic dog kennels, which are the most appreciated, popular and most used today. Highlighted by the certainty, as well as the diverse and rich colors, this kind of kennels also has many sizes, suitable for all spaces, family areas with extremely reasonable prices. Read and choose the best product for your furry friend!

Easipet Plastic Dog Kennel XL

[img_products img_code=”71RqOsXBMdL” code=”B0785FPKMS” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The first product came from Easipet, which called Plastic Dog Kennel XL. It has a grey body black base mixed with the blue roof, and the plastic construction, surely this kennel is the best choice for your dog.

Constructed from durable plastic, can be used for a long time with neutral colors (grey, black, blue), this dog kennel also possesses many other outstanding features such as the side panel can be lowered for additional ventilation or space for your pet,…

But when buying, remember to refer to their size as well as your dog! And this product has a size (just approximate and should allow for manufacturing tolerances) 319mm x 464mm high 12 ½” x 18 ¼” (the door size) and 1110mm L x 840mm D x 800mm H 43 ¾” x 33” x 31 ½”.

RayGar Plastic Dog Kennel House

[img_products img_code=”713vae73juL” code=”B073XQY627″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

With many different color versions to choose from such as red, blue, grey, brown, or black,… The RayGar Plastic Dog Kennel House is a great place for the medium and small dogs, that the size (just approximately)56 cm W x 75 cm L x 66 cm H, and the door size 41 cm H x 26 cm W.

Easily to clean also has a large door that helps your friend can go into their house freely. It made from the strong plastic, this kennel will last for years, suitable for uses outdoors as well as indoors. There are many ventilation holes in this plastic kennel, making your dog’s home always airy. They will like it and stay in it all the time!

CROCI Recycled Kennel

[img_products img_code=”51mD80VKIxL” code=”B01N5R3HFX” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

There are two different sizes available 60 cm L x 50 cm W x 41cm H and 99 cm L x 70 cm W x 75 cm H, CROCI Recycled Kennel is a perfect product for all those who have small or medium dogs, you can choose the size you want and just buy it, why not?

The especially of this kennel different from the other kennels of other brands in the material. It made from 100% recycled plastic, environment friendly, but CROCI Recycled Kennel also has similar features to other kennels. Easy to disassemble or clean, this product also has grooves that allow you to drain any fluids (such as your dog’s urine), or ventilation grilles to keep your dog comfortable, not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Nobleza – Dog House Plastic Kennel

[img_products img_code=”71WyvMYCqiL” code=”B017245DC6″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Certainly, the Dog House Plastic Kennel from Nobleza is a great choice for your puppies. Details of each model simulating like a real house, this product is made of the durable polypropylene, resistant to many harsh weather elements such as rain, wind, thunderstorms, and snow, but still warm with the insulated raised floor, helps to keep your friends comfortable and cool in the summer. What a safe haven for your furry friend!

Easy to assemble manually with plastic sheets, you can build a beautiful house by yourself. Designed for waterproof, elegant color (Milky White and Green), lightweight enough to be moved around at your spaces as well as can be easily cleaned. You just need a simple hose, and boom! Of course, they will be clean. With a size (72*57*57.6) cm / (28.3*22.4*20.1)’’ (L*W*H), fix with your dog, enough for them to sleep and play without worrying about space.

StarPlast Large Dog Kennel

[img_products img_code=”61cs4th-AlL” code=”B0084ZTCVQ” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

It is normally difficult to find a large kennel suitable for large dogs. But okay, here we have StarPlast Large Dog Kennel, perfect for even large dogs with the size 86 cm L x 84.5 cm W x 82 cm H and the door size 57 H x 30.5 cm, make sure your dogs can get into their heaven easily.

With the strong durable plastic, easy to clean, hygienic, non-absorbent, which industry-leading high quality, no rust with the luxurious colors (mocha and chocolate), suitable as well as become a decoration for your garden or home. It can withstand all weather, whether it is hot, rain, or snow,… StarPlast Large Dog Kennel will also protect your pet! Includes 6 easy to assemble panels (2 sides, front & back & floor panel, 1 roof panels), you can make your dog’s house by yourself.

POLLY Quality Plastic Dog Kennel

[img_products img_code=”41xCnwbUPJL” code=”B01HJCRLNU” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

And a lovely product like a real miniature home. Every little detail such as windows, or vents,… all perfect, from POLLY, which called Quality Plastic Dog Kennel.

With 2 versions and the size 1 for the small dogs 74 cm L x 60 cm W x 66 cm H, the size 2 for the medium dogs 87 cm L x 72 cm W x 75 cm H, it absolutely comfortable for your pet. This product is very easy assembly with the plug-in system, made from durable high-quality plastic, quickly clean and hygienic, and especially, Quality Plastic Dog Kennel is an ideal home for the dogs that have otherwise impaired immune systems or dust allergies, with the good ventilation. Not only that, but it also protects your pets from ticks and fleas.

Confidence Pet XL Plastic Dog Kennel

[img_products img_code=”71I0IYz5CLL” code=”B00G9TQSR0″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Okay, now we have another choice for your huge dogs here! The Confidence Pet XL Plastic Dog Kennel is made of durable and tough plastic, also quite heavyweight (up to 14kgs). But in return, for being one of the largest sized products on this list, it has the dimensions: 96.5 cm x 105 cm x 98.5 cm, and the door size: 35.5 cm x 62 cm, it will become a large room for your furry friends, and they can do everything they want in their house.

Sleep, eat, do everything in there,… This house also withstands extreme weather, creating a comfortable space, an ideal accommodation for all the seasons in a year. I believe, your dog will soon love this place than your bed!



The above article has shared with us the necessary experience, which you can refer to when you are in need of shopping for your four-leg friends. Hopefully, after consulting the information we have just shared, you will choose a kennel, a house with the most suitable space, making them more interesting and dynamic.