Best Dog Kennel Covers in 2021

Dog Kennel CoversThe best dog kennel covers are the best methods for you to put your dog outside. So, today I will recommend Top 9 the best dog kennel. Now, let’s start!

It is evident that relaxing and sleeping space has a considerable impact on your dog’s health and growth. So, many dog lovers always look for the best house for their dog.

However, the safety and comfort of the kennel cover always make you anxious. In this case, a dog kennel cover will be an excellent method for your dog even when he is outside.

So, this is why I am here to review e you Top 9 best dog kennel covers that are loved in 2020 by many animal lovers.

Now, find out what they are!


Important Features to Consider

Before purchasing the kennel cover for your dog, you ought to consider some significant features. Well, let me show you some!


In fact, dog kennel covers come with a variety of sizes to match most outside kennels. Therefore, you need to check your dog’s kennel to know what is suitable. And, don’t forget to read the information about cover manufacture carefully to ensure its right size.

Waterproof and shade kennel cover

There are two main types of dog kennel covers you need to know – Shade and Water covers.

If you want to protect your dog from direct sunlight, the shade covers will be the right choice for you. You should check the description product to know the percentage of the sun blocked outside the shelter.

Meanwhile, waterproof covers are great to use year-round. They can protect your dog from rain, sunlight, snow, and win. So, everything you need is to check the product information to choose suitable specific needs.


With all kinds of dog kennel cover you are finding, let’s ensure to choose the ones with the high-quality and durable material. This will help you to save time for the clean it as well as avoid your dog’s damage.


Top 9 best dog kennel covers

1. Lucky Dog Kennel Shade Wind Screen

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This Dog Kennel Covers comes from a famous brand – Lucky Dog that features to save the dog from the dangerous elements. To be more specific, this product is made from high-quality material for protecting your dog from 90% direct sunlight. Moreover, it will prevent the rain and wind from injuring your dog; Specially, it is designed to maximize the airflow going through.

Also, it comes with the high durability that will not mold, fade, crack, mildew, and shrink.

With elastic cords, you can rest assured that it can attach firmly and easily to the chain link. Meanwhile, its cover fits a lot of outdoor kennels, including 8ft. X 6.5ft or 5ft. X 10ft so it doesn’t need to worry about your dog’s size and weight.

2. Weatherguard Kennel Frame & Cover Set

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If you are looking for a dog kennel covers that can shield the dog against the lousy weather. So, watch the offer from Weatherguard – Weatherguard Kennel Frame and Cover Set. This Weatherguard Dog Kennel comes with a steel frame and a waterproof roof that helps your pets from rain, snow, debris, and sun. As a result, it is suitable to put in both inside and outside.

Besides, this kennel cover comes with sturdy elastic cords that is difficult to be broken or stretched; meanwhile, reinforced grommets help to keep the cover firmly for a snug fit. This Weatherguard Kennel Frame & Cover Set is made of high-quality material. Therefore, you can place it anywhere without worrying about fading peeling and cracking.

About its comfort and protection for your dog, this product is considered to be great. Also, it is suitable for both small or adult dogs. This is because it includes a 5ft. X 10ft

roof frame

Finally, this kennel cover features coverslips so that you will be satisfied with its convenience.

3. Dewitt Woven Kennel Cover

[img_products img_code=”A1cIq9QpuUL” code=”B004TSYT8S” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The next cover I want to recommend to you is the Dewitt Woven Kennel Cover. This product is well-known with the feature of sturdy and UV polypropylene cover, which helps to protect your dog from the wind, sun, and rain.

Also, it comes with the shade factor of seventy-three percent. Well, this shade cover is made of affordable, high-quality, and well-size. So, it is superb for blocking the wind and sunlight even when you enter it outdoor. Moreover, with this product, you will not have to worry about deterioration over time.

This Dewitt Woven Kennel Cover comes with the 10 ft. X 10 ft. Size, it is suitable for the dog with the big size.

4. Lucky Dog Small Weatherguard Kennel Roof System

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According to many animal lovers, this Lucky Dog Small Weatherguard Kennel Roof System is considered to have the best waterproof cover. Well, this cover is heavy-duty so that it can keep your dog not be wetted from the heavy rain. Also, your dog will not be affected by sunlight, wind, or debris. Moreover, it features a steel frame that ensures your dog will be safe year-round.

Regrading to its safety, this Kennel Roof System includes a low pitch roof that helps to keep debris and rain from pooling among the ribs. Besides, the elastic cords designed to be sturdy will help to make the cover firm in a place.

This sturdy fabric of dog kennel cover is different from fading, peel, or crack. So, you can use it for a long time. Additionally, this cover is easy to install with three different sizes.

5. MidWest Polyester Kennel Cover

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If you are looking for the kennel cover that provides the comfort, safety, and privacy for your dog, this MidWest Polyester Kennel Cover is for you.

Well, this dog kennel cover is made of the comparison of cotton and polyester fabric that is safe to wash machine. The material helps to protect your dog from the sunlight, rain, and wind when it is placed in both outdoor and indoor.

This Kennel Cover is also designed to decrease your dog’s anxiety that makes them bark and damage and chew his kennel. To be more specific, this product includes hook and loop tabs that can keep the atmosphere inside warmer.

Also, it is convenient for you to use this product. It includes side, front and back doors that offer easy access, this Kennel Cover is made of washable material, so it provides you the convenience to clean, in case your dog defecates or urinates inside the cover.

With the offer from 76 cm to 121 cm, you can use this product for both small and adult dogs. Also, it provides many choices with many different styles; Especially, the stylish design of this MidWest Polyester is considered to be able to blend with your home decor.

6. Petmate Precision Pet Kennel Cover

[img_products img_code=”61UYNYbeWiL” code=”B001HSNXF8″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

This Pet Kennel Cover is one of the best products manufactured by Petmate Precision. With the material of water-resistant nylon, this product can be used both outdoor and indoor. Also, this material is durable and chew-resistant so that it can protect your dog from bad weather. Its waterproof also helps to keep the rain and wind out.

According to many reviews, this product is convenient for users. First, it comes with five sizes that are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Moreover, it is easy to access with heavy-duty zippers in doors and windows. Furthermore, the back panels are easy to remove once you need to wash the machine this product.

The feature of Petmate Precision Pet Kennel Covers many animal lovers likes the most is the safety and comfort for the dogs. Well, this product provides your dog with a unique space to sleep and play with his toys.

Finally, the product comes with the perfect durability that your dogs cannot break or chew it. Furthermore, your dog could not damage his kennel because of its excellent fit.

7. Petsfit Durable Polyester Dog Crate Cover

[img_products img_code=”61-d0IUr9nL” code=”B01GHNEYC8″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

Now, I will review the Dog Crate Cover that many dog lovers like to use. It is called the Petsfit Durable Polyester. This product comes with many great features that provide your dog with the most comfortable space.

First, this kennel cover includes a back and front door that helps to open and block the crates easily. Also, you can choose one of three different sizes depending on the size of your dog. In addition, the kennel cover includes many rollable flaps that allow your dog to have a window view; meanwhile, this can also be sealed entirely up to help protect your dog in the bad weather. You also rest assured that all windows have a mesh cover, so it ensures ventilation for your dog.

With soft material, the kennel cover is also easy to be washed by both hands and machines. Moreover, this material also helps to keep your pet warm in the cold weather, cool under sunlight, and quiet at night. With the side and front door, the cage cover is easy to access and protects your dog from wind and rain.

Finally, you will not have to worry about its durability. With the high-quality material, this kennel cover is difficult to damage by your dog as well as fades or cracks even when you put it outdoors.

8. Molly Mutt Dog Kennel Cover

[img_products img_code=”81OwgIAhKXL” code=”B07L6YTJ9T” reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

I have to say that this Molly Mutt Dog Kennel Cover is one of the best products for large and medium-sized dogs. This kennel cover comes with the large size of 36″ X 24″ X 27″. Also, it has a range of features that will satisfy you. So, now see what they are!

This kennel cover provides you a lot of options for colors that can match your home’s style. Also, its material is durable so that you can put it everywhere without worrying about the bleach under direct sunlight.

Besides, this thermal material helps to decrease the dog’s anxiety and stress. Well, this product will bring about a comfortable sleep with the safe and warm for your dog. Furthermore, you can be easy to access this large kennel cover through two roll-down covers.

With this product, you will not have to spend too much time cleaning it when it is dirty. This is because it comes with the one-hundred percent machine washable material.

9. Pet Dreams Complete 3 Piece Crate Bedding Set

[img_products img_code=”61VSfAAKzwL” code=”B074ZM6Y14″ reviews=”Check on Amazon”]

The last Dog Kennel Cover in my review list is the offer from Pet Dreams. It is well-known as Pet Dreams Complete 3 Piece Crate Bedding Set.

This product will provide you six different sizes that are from 18 to 48 inches. So, you can be free to choose ones that are suitable for your dog’s weight and height. Additionally, this product is excellent to put both inside and outside without the wetness.

About its durability, this Pet Dreams is made of durable fabrics with the high-quality. Therefore, it is difficult to fade or crack for a long time. This means that you can use it during your dog’s growing-up time.

This product also includes side and front panels, which you can open for double or single doors. Also, with the breathable fabric, your dog will always get the ventilation. As a result, this kennel cover provides your dog with the best comfort.

You do not need to worry about its safety because this Pet Dream comes with ties and clips for the firmness the cover to crate in a place. Besides, it is designed to drop your dog’s anxiety. Well, this product can be useful in easing your dog’s nerves with the snug corner.



As mentioned previously, the dog kennel cover comes with a lot of sizes, shapes, and styles. So, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

However, to maintain your dog’s good health, you should consider the safety of the product and measure the weight and height of your dog to choose the suitable.

Well, you can choose one of the top 9 dog kennel covers for your dog. I believe that they will bring about satisfaction for you.